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Soulera Entertainment | Freestyle, Choreographed and Festival Dancers

Serving Edmonton, Calgary & beyond with over a decade in combined world-wide performance and costume design experience. 

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We transform the way music is visualized.

To create experiences that are truly unforgettable, you need exceptional entertainment that encapsulates its audiences through strong energy and unmatched visualization. The very thing that makes this possible is the passion that runs through our dancers. When they’re on stage, doing what they love most, they are captivating. Specialized training allows our roster to take the art of movement and continuously push the envelope. When they are performing, the music flows through them with zero resistance proving that their presence takes over the room and makes the music come alive.

Soulera Entertainment | White, luminescent and futuristic gogo dancers


Entertainment for Every Event


Music festivals demand big energy, high-quality sound, and performers that know what it takes to elevate the entire experience. Soulera dancers are not only trained in big-stage movement that reaches the back of the crowd - they also know how to include the festival goers in the front row. Our dancers understand how to create mesmerizing shots for both the film and photography crews all around them. This level of talent is further enhanced through dynamic costumes inspired by the festival’s established brand and vision.

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Treat your guests to an immersive and interactive experience with Soulera’s character models. Our models encapsulate your event’s theme through collaboratively planned costuming and intentional acting that lasts the entirety of the event. Your guests will feel like they have stepped into a new world when you bring your vision to life with Soulera’s character models.


Soulera's Choreographed Shows are a thrilling way to bring a burst of energy and entertainment to any event! Our experienced choreographers will create a custom show for you, combining movement, music, and space to create a spectacular performance. Our choreography is designed to bring your vision to life, providing an exciting and entertaining experience for your guests.

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With over decades of combined experience

Our performers are trained in dance and entertainment, bringing high-energy and visually stunning performances to any event. Whether it’s a corporate event, private party, nightclub or music festival, our dancers are sure to bring your event to the next level.

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